Online Company Stores... Why?

  • Mar 12, 2018



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 On-demand Production  Real-time, Online Reporting  Product Storage & Fulfillment


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 Control & Reduce Costs  Custom Functionality & Reporting  Same Day Shipping



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The Two Types of Company Stores

 Employee Stores/Corporate Stores vs.  Company Minimum Order Store


Both store options have their benefits.  For those who wish to have a fully functioning Company store without the inventory, a Minimum Order Store is the answer. 


1. Low Cost/No Financial Risk. To set up a minimum order store, the only financial investment is the Web site. There’s no inventory, and every order is sold as minimums so your orders will drop-ship directly from  the A DeZign Production Center. There’s no investment by you the client in inventory or fulfillment expense.

2. Controlled Branding. Controlled Branding can be a wonderful option if you need to maintain a control over your branding. The branding benefit of a minimum order store is that you can decide on specific products. Therefore, the products in the store are all pre-approved and the corporate brand is controlled by the nature of the products offered. An additional benefit is that the application of the logo is also pre-approved and will always be handled correctly. Your logo applications will always right.

3. Cost Controls. Cost control is one of your primary goals. In a minimum order store, you’ve worked out the cost of all the products in the store. The Web site is now the place where approved promotional products are ordered. If you can control the players that are authorized to purchase products, we can offer better prices for getting 100% of all promotional product orders.

4. Simplified Ordering. Once you open an e-commerce site of approved merchandise, the process of ordering is very simple. The promotional products have been configured and the pricing has been determined. All you need to do is pick a product and select a quantity.


The distinction between employee stores/corporate stores 
and a minimum order store is inventory. Inventory changes everything.